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Stay Away, Single
Released 4/5/17


Whisky, Weed, Women and Cocaine, Single
Released 4/19/17




Exhausted Pipes

Exhausted Pipes finds their authentic blend of gritty Americana-folk with danceable Indie Rock.

Formed in 2009, they are known for their dynamic songwriting and lively performances - pushing the expectations of a three-piece. The trio doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has a solid understanding of their place in the world. The magic of their upcoming release, New Dust, is that it’s an authentic reflection of a specific time and place in history and manages to avoid any pseudo-intellectual or unnecessarily emotional imitations.

The band came together in Stockton, California where Hunter Steers, David Mayman, and Andy Landgraf met at their University in an unengaged community in which social disinterest shaped the culture. Through this, the band learned some quick lessons, and grew enough to make a move to the San Francisco area – where the reception for live music was far greater. Their high energy performances – characterized by three part harmonies, soaring solos, and wide ranging dynamics – began to draw a regular following. The group self-released their eponymous debut album, Exhausted Pipes, in late 2011.

Funded by a self-made Kickstarter campaign, Exhausted Pipes' upcoming album, New Dust, is a reflection of the DIY / start-up spirit of the 21st century. The songs they write are catered to their lifestyle, which is often carefree, rowdy, and spirited. The band’s lyrics speak out to those coming of age in a rapidly evolving culture where relevance is often hard to pin down. The new album is tightly curated and intelligent, often with complex instrumentation or highlighting featured musicians, yet holds true to the band’s vocally-driven roots. New Dust feels both relevant and emotionally exhilarating – solid, coherent and wonderfully accessible.


Hunter Steers – vocals, guitar
David Mayman – drums, background vocals, piano
Andy Landgraf – bass, background vocals




Kickstarter Live Cover Series


Black Dresses by The Builders and the Butchers

Filmed by Rob Fitzgerald and Nikki Thomas

Coming Home by Leon Bridges

Filmed by Rob Fitzgerald and Nikki Thomas

Getting Away With It (All Messed Up) by James

Filmed by Rob Fitzgerald and Nikki Thomas

Valerie by The Zutons

Filmed by Rob Fitzgerald and Nikki Thomas

Past Lives by Langhorne Slim and The Law

Filmed by Julie Guirl


stay away (live)


Shot by Holsey Johnson


 New Dust Vinyl Mockup

New Dust Vinyl Mockup

 New Dust Album Cover

New Dust Album Cover

 Stay Away – Single Artwork

Stay Away – Single Artwork

 Whisky, Weed, Woman & Cocaine – Single Artwork

Whisky, Weed, Woman & Cocaine – Single Artwork

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