The test presses have landed

And they. sound. AWESOME! 


After being manufactured in the Czech Republic, the first 5 presses of New Dust made their way through France and New Jersey before arriving here in Berkeley, CA. It's an unbelievable feeling to hold a year of work in your hand, delivered in a shiny round object. We're trying to get these in your hands as soon as possible.

Since our last update, we've had the album mastered by Carl Saff, who did an excellent job. Pirate's Press is now finalizing the production and will be delivering New Dust within a month or two.

The next couple of months will be spent preparing for the big release –receiving the run of 250 vinyls, finalizing all the Kickstarter rewards, PR and marketing, and booking a venue for the party. It's a lot to handle for us as an independent artist, but we're committed. 

You might have also noticed our shiny new website. Now you can find everything EP related in once place. 

For those of you in the Bay Area, we have a couple of February shows coming up: 

Monday 2/20 Not My President's Day at The Night Light in Oakland. 9pm. $5 (all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood)

Tuesday 2/28 Sofar Sounds secret show! 8pm. Get tickets quick! Ticket link


More soon... 

David, Andy, Hunter