Heading to the Studio: Part 2!

Hey guys!

It's been 2 months since we had our last studio session, and we're excited to finally be getting back in there! We'll be finishing up tracking over six more studio days in the coming weeks. Since then, we've been busy getting everything prepped for the upcoming sessions and the eventual release. We have a few big updates to announce.

The Release Date

Due to a few factors (busy studio schedule, vinyl production time, wishful thinking) the album production has been delayed by a few months. The album is now due for release in February 2017. In order to keep the release strong, we've decided to release all the rewards and merch with it. We're very sorry to have to push things back. We're still on track to get all of the rewards shipped out with the official release!

The Tracks

We've got some good news here too – things went super smoothly during our first session, so we decided to push ourselves a bit. We're adding two additional tracks to the album! That makes a total of 14 tracks, and about an hour's worth of music. It's going to be a big album with a lot going into it. We're already feeling great about the progress so far. Which brings us to the next big update...

the vinyl

Our original plan was to release 9 tracks on vinyl and 3 more with the digital download. Well, since we're adding a couple more tracks in the mix, we couldn't resist upping our vinyl game. New Dust will be released on a double vinyl with all 14 tracks! If you haven't already reserved yours, you might consider grabbing one after the album release. 

the tracks

During our first studio session we wrapped up the basics – drums, bass, and most of the electric guitar. During studio session number 2, we'll be polishing up the guitar, recording all of the vocals, and layering in some extra instruments. A little piano here, some banjo there...we're even getting a Wurlitzer on a few tracks. But we're most excited about inviting few friends into the studio to record female vocals and a horn section. Jennie Chapman is flying up from LA to sing on a number of tunes, and Will Mandell (Broken Horn Productions) and Alex Doty will be playing trumpet and sax. We could not be more thrilled and honored to be working with these amazing folks!

That's all the news for now. In a couple weeks we'll be finished with tracking and on to mixing. After that, things should go smoothly until the final release!

Thank you everyone for your amazing support. We can't wait to get everything out and in your hands! Stay tuned within the next few months for news about the album release party due in February, somewhere in the Bay Area.

David, Andy, Hunter