Album Mixing is DONE!

Huge news. 

We finished mixing the album!

We spent our final all-day session with Ryan Massey in the mixing studio this weekend polishing up every last detail of our 14 track album. It has been a meticulous, thorough, and entirely exhilarating process hearing these songs come to life over the last 6 1/2 months. The album has come together in a way we couldn't be more proud of. We are beyond excited to share it with you!

What's next?

It's not over yet. We still have some work to do to get this album off the ground.

This week we'll send the tracks out for mastering – the post production process that preps the album for both vinyl pressing and digital distribution. Once this is done, our tracks are finalized. No going back.

We're also preparing instrumental (sans-vocal) tracks for every song. Who knows, you might hear one next year in your favorite Super Bowl commercial...

Once mastering is complete, the tracks get hightailed to Pirate Press for vinyl production! We're pressing 250 gorgeous limited edition double vinyls. If you didn't snag a pre-order during the Kickstarter campaign, send us a message! We'll save one for you before they get released to the masses.

Vinyl production typically takes 3 months. During that time, we'll be designing and producing all our merch – tshirts, koozies, glassware. We will deliver all as promised!

For the last 6 months we've been collecting tons of photos, notes, and artifacts which we'll be releasing as a part of the album release and mystery prizes. We want you to relive this journey with us when you finally hear what we've created.

We're on track for a late February release with a kick-ass launch party in San Francisco. More details to come once we get a bit closer.

We've got more surprises in the works, including a trip to LA...that's all we can say for now. Stay tuned!

David, Andy, Hunter