we did it!

thanks to you, we raised $12,433
to create our next release, new dust, due late 2016.

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live covers

in support of our kickstarter campaign, we released five live recordings of some of our favorite tunes to cover. we had tons of fun playing these, and want to share the excitement. filmed by rob fitzgerald and julie guirl.

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stay away

our submission to npr’s 2016 tiny desk contest. this performance was recorded live january 2016 at the woodshop in berkeley, ca. the hand-built lighting rig features 50 different lights connected to 5 separate faders. filmed by holsey johnson.

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New Dust

  • 2016 (in production, due fall 2016)
  • 3 on E Partners
New Dust, 2016 (In Production)


preorders are currently closed. we recently raised $12,433 on kickstarter to record and distribute this record. we're estimating a release date of october 2016.

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  1. Coming After You
  2. Tattoos & Whisky
  3. New Dust
  4. Dancing Devil
  5. Mama Please
  6. Darlin’ Sue
  7. Get a Grip
  8. Darlin’ Love
  9. Trumpets & Drumsticks
  10. Crazier Things
  11. Maybe Baby
  12. Stay Away

Exhausted Pipes

  • 2011
  • 3 on E Partners
New Dust, 2016 (In Production)



  1. Karaoke
  2. Things Are Gonna Be Different Now
  3. 2nd Number
  4. Line C
  5. Men Like Me
  6. Old Days
  7. She Saw Me Leaving
  8. Top Again
  9. 75 So. (Whisky Princess)
  10. LA
  11. Younger Men
  12. Lipstick
  13. Leather Boots


Exhausted Pipes is an indie folk-rock trio from Berkeley, CA. The members of the band, Hunter Steers (singer / songwriter / guitar), David Mayman (drums), and Andy Landgraf (bass), created the group during college, in 2009. Gaining early momentum when the group moved to the SF Bay Area, the trio self-released their eponymous debut album, Exhausted Pipes, in late 2011.

After getting their start playing in small bars and music venues in Oakland/SF, the group began blending more folk and Americana influences into their dancy indie-rock sound. Today, Exhausted Pipes is known for their high-energy live performances and music that is characterized by three-part harmonies, soaring solos, wide-ranging dynamics and intricacies.